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Levy and Charges

Schedule of Commission and Service Charges (in HK$)

Service charges Minimum Maximum
Brokerage Commission
Commission charges 0.25% of total consideration HK$100.00 N/A
Stock Trading
CCASS Fee 0.002% of Total consideration (rounded up to the nearest cent) HK$2.00 HK$100.00
Contract Stamp 0.1% of Total consideration (any fraction of HK$1 in stamp duty payable shall be rounded up to the nearest HK$1.00) N/A N/A
Trading Fee 0.005% of Total consideration N/A N/A
Transaction Levy 0.0027% of Total consideration N/A N/A
Nominee Services
Stock deposit charges Free N/A N/A
Transfer Deed Stamp Duty HK$5.00 per each certificate N/A N/A
Stock withdrawal charges HK$5.00 per board / Odd lot N/A N/A
SI Instruction
 Received Free N/A N/A
 Delivery 0.1% of gross value per instruction HK$100.00 N/A
ISI Instruction
 Received Free N/A N/A
 Delivery Free N/A N/A
Stock custody fee Free N/A N/A
Bonus collection fee / Offer collection charges HK$2.00 per lot HK$20.00 N/A
Rights collection charges Free N/A N/A
Subscription of new issue HK$50.00 + HK$0.80 per lot N/A N/A
Excess rights subscription of new issue HK$50.00 N/A N/A
Voting service charges Free N/A N/A
Dividend collection fee 0.5% of dividend amount N/A N/A
Share Privatization Scrip Fee + HK$0.80 per lot + handling fee HK$100.00 N/A N/A
Scrip Fee HK$2.00 per lot N/A N/A
Deemed book close scrip fee (no dividend) Free N/A N/A
Other corporate actions HK$50.00 + HK$0.80 per lot N/A N/A
Banking Service Charges
Chats Payment to Local Bank HK$200.00 N/A N/A
TT Payment HK$300.00 or subject to paying bank N/A N/A
Registration of shares HK$2.50 per each certificate + handling fee HK$100.00 for physical registration of shares per each stock N/A N/A
Entittlement claim ( bonus & dividend ) HK$300.00 + CCASS cost HK$300.00 N/A
CCASS sub-account fee HK$100.00 per month per account HK$100.00 N/A
Electronic Application instructions HK$50.00 per instruction N/A N/A
Return cheque charges HK$100.00 HK$100.00 N/A
Compulsory share buy-back Fees Amounts specified by HKSCC N/A N/A
Hard copy statement fee HK$100.00 monthly N/A N/A
Reprint Daily Statement Within 1 month
Over 1 month
Over 12 months
Reprint Monthly Statement Within 3 months
Over 3 months
Over 12 months
Notes:  All charges will be debited on the statement on the day of the instruction, and incur interest charges simultaneously.
From time to time, these fees and charges may be varied. Such variations will be notified to clients and become effective in accordance with the relevant terms and conditions. These charges take effect from 01 Jan 2019.