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Energy Market
Energy Futures

Energy elements (Crude Oil & Natural Gas) are considered to be essential in our everyday life and are used in various sectors of production. Crude Oil and Natural Gas have occupied the largest portion of energy consumption in the United States. Besides the demand and supply factors, the price of these energy elements is also linked to their production level.

Contract Specification Symbol Contract Size Minimum Fluctuation Value of Tick
Crude Oil CL 1000 barrels US$0.01 US$10.00
Natural Gas NG 10,000 mil BTU US$0.001 US$10.00

Trading Hours (GMT): SUN-FRI 23:00-18:30 (Daily break) 13:30-14:00 18:30-19:15
Benchmark month: The month immediate next to the present month

Foreign Exchange Market

Forex Futures contracts are very similar to products of the spot foreign exchange market, namely, margin-trading accounts offered by banks.

Contract Specification Symbol Contract Size Minimum Fluctuation Value of Tick
Euro / US Dollar EU 125,000 Euro 0.0001 US$12.50
British Pound / US Dollar BP 62,500 BP 0.0001 US$6.25
US Dollar / Japanese Yen JY 12,500,000 0.000001 US$12.50
US Dollar / Swiss Franc SF 125,000 0.0001 US$12.50
Australian Dollar / US Dollar AD 100,000 0.0001 US$10.00
New Zealand Dollar / US Dollar NZ 100,000 0.0001 US$10.00
US Dollar / Canadian Dollar CD 100,000 0.0001 US$10.00

Trading Hours (GMT): Sunday 22:00- Friday 21:00
Daily Break (GMT): 21:00-22:00
Benchmark month: March (H), June (M), September (U) and December (Z)

Precious Metals Market

The Gold Futures Contract is actually a substitute of Spot Gold similar to that of Loco London’s gold market. However, the price of Futures is more transparent than Loco Londons market.

Contract Specification Symbol Contract Size Minimum Fluctuation Value of Tick
Gold GC 100 troy ounce US$0.10 US$10.00

Trading Hours (GMT): : SUN-FRI 23:00-20:30 (Daily break) 12:00-12:20 17:30-18:00
Benchmark month: February (G), April (J), June (M) , August (Q) and December (Z)

Stock Index Market

Stock Index Futures contract is not only an effective tool for investors to hedge their stock portfolios, but also offer a profitable mean for speculators. SHINING offers following products for our investors currently:-

Dow Jones Industrial Average

The Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA) was launched in 1896 and comprises of 30 “blue-chip” US stocks. Trading DJIA allows investors to inexpensively execute trading strategies based on the Dow Jones Industrial Average. Investors can participate in the broad market by using index as an inexpensive alternative to stock ownership.

S&P 500 Index

The S&P 500 Stock Index has long been the benchmark by which professionals measure portfolio performance. The Standard & Poor’s Corporation designed and maintains the S&P 500 to be an accurate proxy for a diversified equity portfolio. The Index is based on the stock prices of 500 large-capitalization companies. These products are widely used by financial professionals as well as individual investors.

Nasdaq 100

The Nasdaq-100 Index comprises 100 of the largest domestic, non-financial common stocks listed on the Nasdaq Stock Market. Created in 1985, this index mainly reflects the hi-tech stocks performance.


All 225 companies included in Nikkei Index 225 are major determinants of the Japanese economy. Its price is highly determined by Japanese high-tech stocks, providing a high correlation to NASDAQ. Like Dow Jones, Nikkei is a price-weighted stock index.

Contract Specification Symbol Contract Size Minimum Fluctuation Value of Tick
Dow Jones Index DJ US$10 X index 1 point US$10.00
S&P Index SP US$50 X index 0.25 point US$12.50
NASDAQ Index ND US$20 X index 0.50 point US$10.00
Nikkei 225 Index NS Yen500 X index 5 point Yen 2500

Benchmark month: March (H), June (M), September (U) and December (Z)