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Account Opening
Question 1: Are there any restrictions on the securities account opening at Goldin Equities?

Answer: There is no restriction on account opening in Hong Kong. For people in Hong Kong or overseas, it is required to have valid proof of identity and residential address or business registration documents for securities account opening in Goldin Equities. If you have any enquiries, please contact our customer service hotline at +852 39607827 for details.

Question 2: What types of accounts can I open?


  1. Cash Account (including: individual/joint and corporate)
    Trading with cash account is settled in cash without financing facility to be granted. Clients must trade with available balance for securities settlement to fulfill the settlement obligation. Clients can trade with all products listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, including warrants.
  2. Margin Account (including: individual/joint and corporate)
    For individual or corporate margin account opening, clients can contact Goldin Equities for confirming the account opening method and requirements. After opening a margin account, clients can apply for margin financing based on their portfolio. However, the company has the right to pledge the client stocks of the margin account.
Question 3: What is the minimum deposit for opening an account with Goldin Equities?

Answer: Deposit is not required for account opening. Besides, there is no monthly fee or minimum account balance requirement.

Question 4: How long does it take to activate my account?

Answer: Your account opening application will be processed immediately once we receive your signed and completed Account Opening Form and copies of all supporting documents. It normally takes 3 working days to process an account opening application. Please note that you must have enough funds or stock in your account before making transaction.

Question 5: What information can I get after opening an account successfully?

Answer: The account opening application takes 3 working days to process once Goldin Equities receive the Account Opening Form and all supporting documents. Then the account notification will be sent to the clients by email or mail, including:

  1. Notification
    1. Client Account No.
    2. Your Designated Business Officer/Account Manager and contact number;
  2. Internet Trading Password (for internet trading applicants): Internet Trading Password Letter Note: Please login and change your password immediately before commencing to use the account for internet trading. Please be reminded that the password combination should be 8 numeric digits and/or alphabets.
Funds Deposit / Withdrawal and Stock Custody
Question 1: How can I transfer funds to Goldin Equities’ account?

Answer: Clients can deposit funds to our designated bank account. Please be noted that clients must sign on the bank pay-in slip with client account name and account number quoted and then fax it to the Settlement Department at +852 28152939 or by email before 04:00pm for same-day valuation. You are advised to call our Customer Service Department at +852 39607827 to confirm such deposit request. All pay-in slips received after 04:00pm will be processed in the next working day. If client deposits a cheque, the name of the drawer of the cheque must be same as the name of the account holder (The third party cheque will not be accepted). The cheque will be valued and credited to your account after it is cleared.

Question 2: How can I transfer stocks to Goldin Equities account?

Answer: To transfer securities from other brokers to your account in Goldin Equities, it is necessary to give clear instructions to other brokers for transferring stock to your account in Goldin Equities. Please contact our customer service hotline +852 39607827 for enquiries. Forms are available on “Customer Services → Download Centre → Other Forms → Securities Settlement Instruction”.

Question 3: How can client’s securities be kept under custody in Goldin Equities?

Answer: With Goldin Equities appointed as the custodian, clients can keep their stocks in the account opened in Goldin Equities. We will provide deposit/withdrawal service, settlement, dividend collection and exercise of corporate actions for clients.

Internet Trading
Question 1: How can I login the internet trading service?

Answer: Please click “Securities Trading Login” on the main page of Goldin Equities. After entering the account name and login password, you can access to the securities internet trading service. Clients are advised to change the password regularly for safety reason.

Question 2: How can I change the password?

Answer: The login password can be changed by clicking the “Client Login” on the main page. Kindly enter the account name and login password. Then choose Change of Password under Account Management section.

Question 3: What precautions should I take to protect my password?

Answer: There are a few simple but effective measures you can take to protect your information:

  • To avoid using simple and common password combination, e.g. avoid using sequential or repetitive numbers, or obvious ones, such as your telephone number or date of birth, any word in dictionary or your name.
  • Do not disclose your password to anyone (including our staff) and write them down. Change them if you suspect that someone may know your passwords.
  • Exit your browser completely when you are finished with your trading session.

Should you have any further questions about our internet trading system, please contact our customer service department at +852 39607827.

Question 4: What can I do if I have problems connecting to Goldin Equities Internet Trading Service?

Answer: Should you have any problems connecting to Goldin Equities Internet Trading Service, you can either contact our customer service hotline at +852 39607827 or e-mail us at

Trading System Requirements
Question 1: What are the computer setting required for securities internet trading?

For Securities Trading System:
Hardware Requirement: Processor Intel Quad core or above
Memory: 2GB RAM or above
Operating Platform: Operating System Microsoft Window XP or above

Software Requirement

  1. Sun Java VM (Chinese Taiwan) Download
  2. Internet Brower: Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0 or above, or Firefox 4.0 or above version
If you cannot find the answers to your questions above, please contact our customer service hotline at (852) 3960 7827 or email us at